Theta Minerals are liquid (or, ionic) minerals. Basically, it’s a bottle of water that is very highly concentrated in a single, or a combination, of minerals. Note that some theta minerals are not completely clear and may have color in the liquid from the minerals.

What Makes Theta Minerals Unique?

Theta Minerals are extremely pure, up to 99.9999%. The water in which the minerals exist is also extremely pure, being subjected to a five step purification process.

All the minerals are 100% pure organic. They are broken down already with the same acid in our stomachs so digestion is 100% faster than any man made liquid mineral.

Theta Minerals, through a complex proprietary process, liquefied minerals to a state where (when dehydrated) they will grow crystals. This process duplicates nature’s method of turning minerals from the earth into a form usable by man. When a plant processes minerals from the earth, the minerals change to the crystalline form necessary for absorption by the body.

Theta Minerals do not have to be refrigerated and they last indefinitely.

May change color when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time; does not affect potency.

Theta Minerals