Warning: Used in naturopathic cancer treatments. Be cautious when discussing this product with customers.

About rubidium: We used to carry Cesium Supreme w/ Rubidium, but stopped carrying it due to the high cost. The price went from $299.99 per bottle to $174.99. This also allowed the Cesium Protocol w/ Cesium liquid to be more competitive with the protocol w/ capsules regarding price and potency. All references to rubidium in this product should be gone from all our sites.

Shelf life: The bottle will generally say it’s good for two years can last up to 5 or 6 years. By putting it in the fridge, it will last longer and will have less flavor.

Update on brand: We no longer carry the Elemental Research brand of cesium liquid. We now only carry Theta Cesium. It is 5500 parts per million and 100% organic.

A note on usage: For every 1 table spoon of cesium, 2 tablespoons of potassium & magnesium must be taken. Aka 1:2 ratio.

Cesium (Liquid)