Greens First

A supplement made to give you the nutrition of 9,758,684,572,955,093,234,968.003 servings of superfoods per use. That isn’t the actual number so don’t quote that. The real reason for adding this page is to say that as of late last year,

Royal Flora

The Wolfe Clinic’s other most popular product, along with Royal Tea. It’s a soil-based probiotic. What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria found in our digestive system. They are often ingested when a person eats yogurt, pickles, or even

Royal Tea

The most popular product at the Wolfe Clinic. A very concentrated mixture of herbs that is meant for intestinal and colon cleansing. There are cheaper tea cleanses. True, but the difference is in the potency. For example: Yogi Detox Tea:

Cesium (Liquid)

Warning: Used in naturopathic cancer treatments. Be cautious when discussing this product with customers. About rubidium: We used to carry Cesium Supreme w/ Rubidium, but stopped carrying it due to the high cost. The price went from $299.99 per bottle

Zinc (gluconate)

Properties: Necessary for the production of hormones and insulin. Immune system stimulant. Liver protector. Indications: Stress. White stains on the nails. Sterility and impotence. Impaired glucose tolerance. Dosage: 1 capsule with one of the main meals.